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How Has Track And Trace Aided The Fight Against COVID-19?

UK Hospitality

If you’ve gone anywhere in the UK recently you’ll have noticed that track and trace technology is at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19. The technology that allows us to trace where people are going is giving us the data to alert people when they are at risk of contracting the virus.


This has been an amazing development and one that has been essential to allowing venues to open safely again. With the government recently announcing that all hospitality businesses need to keep a temporary record of customers and visitors for 21 days to assist with test and trace, it has become an essential for every business.


What Is Track And Trace Technology?


Track and trace technology has been enabling us to sign in to a venue wherever we go during COVID-19. This is really helpful to identify where an individual has been and if it turns out that they do have the virus, it offers an easy way to see who they have come into contact with and inform them to isolate immediately.


The idea behind track and trace is that a venue holds data on anyone who has been there in the past 21 days, so that if an individual does have the virus, their movements can be traced back.


Without this technology, individuals would be at risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus further. The data from track and trace technology also enable governments to track outbreak clusters, warn vulnerable communities and understand how social distancing is working and the speed at which the virus is spreading.


Does Track And Trace Work?


The UK government has recently made it essential that venues keep data from every person who enters in order to track and trace people’s movements. This suggests that they do believe it is working and that it is helping to keep COVID-19 numbers at bay - especially during the Eat Out To Help Out Scheme when more people than normal have been eating out.


Track and trace technology certainly helps to store details, and keep the public safe. The more information venues can gather on who enters their premises, the more likely they will be able to trace an individual and inform anyone who may be at risk of carrying the virus. 


It goes without saying that this kind of technology is as much reliant on people using it as the actual tech itself. For track and trace to work well, the public need to ensure that they are signing in to each venue and disclosing information with every venue they’ve been to if they have a positive test result.


Yoello Test And Trace


At Yoello, we believe that test and trace technology should be available to every business for the good of society. Without effective test and trace technology, we put people at risk unnecessarily. 


That's why we have created a free tool available to all hospitality businesses to make it much easier to collect the track and trace data needed to be compliant.


It's easy for your customers to supply the required information by using any smartphone device. By simply scanning a QR code (or visiting the web address there is a short 4 question form to complete - we store this data securely and temporarily for merchants and can easily identify and notify those present in your venue at specific times.

We will hold customer data on our own secure system for 21 days, this data will not be shared with anyone other than the NHS for their test and trace programme. We will handle all data with full compliance and not use this data for anything other than for test and trace purposes.

Get Test And Trace Technology Now

Are you a business looking for the best track and trace technology? Sign up to our free test and trace tool now. Alternatively, you can learn more about our offering in our recent press release.

September 3, 2020

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