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7 benefits of Quick Pick-Up for your event

UK Hospitality

With Yoello’s Quick Pick-Up software, you can say goodbye to long queues and frenzied staff.


Instead of lining up at vendors, customers can place an order from their phones, and pick it up once it’s ready. 


Not only does this improve the ordering experience, but it allows vendors to provide faster service. 


We’re going to explore some additional benefits of Quick Pick-Up and how it can enhance your next event.


1 - Order from multiple vendors at the same time


At events, ordering from multiple stalls is frustrating. People find themselves waiting alone for long periods of time, which causes many orders to be abandoned.


With Yoello’s Quick Pick-Up, venues can create group profiles, where customers can order from multiple vendors using the same link or QR code.


This allows patrons to stick together, whilst enhancing business for vendors. 


2 - Enhanced ordering experience


Instead of waiting in line, customers are able to enjoy their event whilst they’re waiting for their order to be prepared. This takes the pressure off service staff, allowing them to prepare orders faster. 


3 - Increase customer spend by 30%


Contactless ordering encourages patrons to spend more, because:



4 - Easier for merchants 


Yoello’s merchant dashboard is easy to use, and it can be accessed anywhere at any time. You can log into your dashboard from any device to manage your orders, menu and profile.


5 - Reporting and Analytics


Yoello gives you access to lots of detailed data, which is helpful when it comes to:



6 - Built in customer feedback


After placing their orders, customers can leave feedback and ratings. This is helpful when it comes to reviewing and improving your services.


7 - Loyalty schemes 


With Yoello, you can run many different offers and discounts to increase customer loyalty and overall spend. 


With Yoello’s Quick Pick-Up, you can enhance your event and provide a seamless experience for merchants and customers. 


Are you ready to elevate your next event? Contact us now to book a demo.

Laura Stupple
July 4, 2022

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