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Yoello Order At Table

Easy QR ordering your guests will love

Let them browse the menu, order and pay from the comfort of their table - no app download, no physical menus, no cash, no queues and most importantly, no interrupting the good times at the table!

How does Order At Table work?

Build Your Digital Menu

Build the perfect digital menu with ease, complete with modifiers, extras and preferences - then link it to your customised venue profile.

Scan, Order and Pay

Customers simply scan a QR code using any smartphone to browse the menu, make an order and pay.
No app download needed.

Serve Your Customer

With a wide range of ordering and payment functionality - you can manage orders, control stock & run reports all through one simple system.

Seamless table ordering with
no app download required!

Customers can order from the table by simply tapping an NFC or scanning a QR code. With mobile ordering, your customers feel more in control and can order and pay at their own convenience, typically customers also spend 30% more through items upsold in your digital menu. By removing the need to wait for staff to take an order or payment, customers get served quicker increasing table turn over by up to 40%.

What types of business is Order at Table designed for?

Yoello's Order at Table works in any kind of hospitality business but is particularly well suited for businesses that have busy periods that typically result in queues or customers waiting for service. Street food markets, restaurants and pubs benefit particularly well from this service, allowing customers to order in their own time and at the comfort of their table without the need to queue.

Waiter serving ice cream
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Leigh Watts

“If we hadn’t got the Yoello app we would have to have a lot more staff physically going round and taking orders and it wouldn’t be viable for us opening, simply because of the wage costs. I definitely recommend other pubs to look at the mobile table ordering because going forward I don’t think they’re going to be able to survive without it. What Yoello offers is a lifesaver for us”

- Leigh Watts, The Greyhound Inn

Pay By Bank

Only Yoello comes with an additional payment option, Pay By Bank.

Speedier for them.

Cheaper for you.

Pay By Bank uses open banking technology to free you from typical card transaction fees. Ask for a demo to find out more.

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