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How to reopen your venue amid staff shortages in hospitality

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Businesses were getting hopeful as the country was coming out of lockdown, only to discover there is another hurdle on the way - staff shortages!

63% of hospitality businesses have said they have been affected by staff shortages, it’s becoming a major issue for the industry!

Some of the reasons are more obvious than others, hospitality is not an easy job and many experienced staff had requalified during lockdown and have now taken on completely new roles. The people that did remain may feel uneasy working in a hospitality setting or if they do, might often get “pinged” by track and trace which means they aren’t always available.

We have come up with solutions and helpful suggestions for all of the concerns a venue owner might have. We know that every business is different and there is no one size fits all solution, however, these ideas may give you some inspiration to reopen with new hope for the future.

Inside our complimentary guide you’ll find: 

  • How to make your venue COVID-19 safe
  • How to set up Order and Pay solutions 
  • How to minimise the challenges that staff are facing 

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