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How to engage users when Mobile Ordering

UK Hospitality

So you’ve got the mobile ordering platform and you’re ready to go. But how do you get users to interact with your technology?

Perhaps you’ve invested in Yoello, or a competitor’s technology, and you want to know how to make sure people use it in the best way possible.

Here’s our top tips on how to engage users when mobile ordering.

Loyalty programs

Creating loyalty programs is a great way to keep people coming back to your venue, and with loyalty rewards when you pay in-app, you can ensure people are engaging with your technology.

Make it super simple for people to access their rewards, and be sure to advertise how people will be rewarded. This won’t only encourage better use of your technology, but may also boost sales and encourage customers to add a few more things to their cart if they know they’re valued.

Here at Yoello, we are working towards integrating loyalty rewards to improve customer engagement.

Discount codes

Struggling to get people to pay via your app or payment platform? Add a discount code to see how that shapes payment preferences.

Many customers don’t want to bother downloading an app (which is why Yoello uses QR codes!). So if you’ve opted for app-based tech, then creating a discount for those who pay via your app is an amazing way to boost traffic to your app and get people paying via that.

With QR code mobile payment tech, you can also add a discount for people who pay via mobile. This encourages users to use the full capability of your technology and pay via your system.

Changeable menus

Paying via mobile might not be a first choice for some. So how do capture get those people who prefer to order off a physical menu and don’t even want to bother looking at a digital one? By offering unique menu options online.

By adding specials and extra dishes to your online menu that don’t feature on your normal menu, customers will be more inclined to use the QR code and look at the digital menu to access all of the options available.

Signage at your venue

One of the best ways to get people to engage with your technology is to advertise it. Often, customers are more than happy to use a digital menu and mobile ordering option, as long as they can access it quickly and easily.

Perhaps you could add a little card to each table explaining the ordering process, or highlighting that mobile ordering is your venue’s preferences. It’s also advisable to add a QR to each table so that people automatically know how to order as soon as they’re seated.

Highlight urgency with limited time offers

When customers are faced with limited time offers, they often want to move as quickly as possible to get their favourite meal or drink that might be low in stock or discounted for a limited time.

For example, you might show a banner message that says “last 3 fish and chips on the menu” or “limited 20% discount when you order via mobile now”.

This sense of urgency encourages purchasers to move through the customer journey in your way, as opposed to paying up at the bar or navigating away from the digital menu.

Partner with a mobile ordering platform

When you partner with Yoello, you’ll be guided every step of the way. With access to vendor guides and special assistance from our support team, we’ll be able to help you tweak your ordering system to deliver the best user experience for your customers.

With all of the above capabilities and more, Yoello is the obvious choice for a mobile ordering partner. Find out how we can help you boost engagement by contacting us now.

Isabella Mawer
March 14, 2022

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