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The UK market for Click & Collect is growing fast and is predicted to be a £9.6 billion market by 2022, accounting for 13.9% of all online sales.*

Collection services are becoming increasingly popular across the hospitality sector and is a great way for businesses to benefit from an additional revenue stream.

Through Yoello, you can offer click & collect, delivery, table ordering, quick pick-up points and room service - all managed through one simple, easy to manage system.

* Global Data report - Click & Collect in the UK, 2017-2022

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Why offer Click and Collect?

  • Click & Collect does not erode profit margins
  • Significantly increase venue footfall at no extra cost
  • Customers can order ahead and choose a convenient collection time
  • No cash, physical menus or receipts
  • Easy to set up and manage with minimal staff
  • Digital menus make upselling easier, and the ordering and payment experience better for customers
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Added customer & staff convenience

With traditional takeaway orders, customers need to take time out of their busy day to wait for their meal to be prepared. This isn't the case with Click & Collect. Customers can select a collection time and get on with other more pressing things in the meantime.

From a business point of view, Click & Collect is cost and time effective. Staff receive the orders exactly how the customer has inputted, so there is less room for error. With ordering and payments also being self-served, staff can focus on processing the orders and making sure they are ready in time for collection.

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How does the platform work for merchants?

Through the Yoello Merchant Dashboard, you can easily turn your Click & Collect service on/off. When the service is toggled on, customers can select ‘Collection’ from your venue profile to browse, order and pay from your Click & Collect digital menu.

You can set up available collection times and expected waiting times as well as manage menu items and stock.

Orders can be responded to and managed through the dashboard. Update customers on order process and let them know when it is ready for collection.

All the Yoello reporting and order management features apply across the services you run, whether its Click & Collect, Table Service or Delivery.
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Top tips for Click & Collect

Offer ‘heat at home’ products.

‘Heat at home’ takeaways have taken off this year with roast dinners proving to be a particularly popular option amongst Brits.

Hang Fire, a southern style BBQ joint based in Barry launched ‘Hang Fire Heat at Home’ through Yoello just after the Wales circuit-breaker lockdown was announced. Within less than one week of launching, they saw over 360 orders fly out despite closing their doors to in-venue diners.

Promote your services online

Create a page on your website to inform your customers about your collection service and the tasty food items that can be purchased from it. You can link customers directly through to the digital menu to get them ordering right away!

Make sure to shout about your service through social media and via email marketing. Great snaps of your food and drink offerings are sure to catch attention.

Exclusive offers and seasonal menus

Keep your customers coming back for more through special offers, exclusive collection-only menu items and keep your menu fresh with seasonal products.

“With situations like the one we are currently living in it’s important that we as a business, were able to adapt to offer a click & collect and a delivery service, without the Yoello platform this wouldn’t have been possible. The extra value this has also brought to our street-food vendors who, without a mobile ordering platform would not be able to trade at all, is something we are really proud of as a venue.”
- Shaz Harris, Founder of Corporation Yard

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