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Apps for pubs vs QR codes

UK Hospitality

Are you tossing up apps for pubs vs QR codes? It can be a tricky decision at first glance. QR codes seem to be everywhere at the moment, and people have become very comfortable with using them. They offer amazing ease and convenience, and can provide a customer with an online menu in no time.

Meanwhile, apps for pubs can be highly unique and specialised for those venues that have specific requirements. Apps offer their own little ecosystem that can entice some customers, but put others off.

We’re looking at the pros and cons of apps for pubs vs QR code ordering systems, to help you decipher the best option for your venue. 

Apps for pubs vs QR codes: which is better?

On the one hand apps for pubs like Wetherspoons, Greene King and Slug And Lettuce have been very successful. These bigger groups often have the budget to create their own apps that can help people order food and drink in any of their pubs across the country.

However, for smaller venues and independent pubs, bars and restaurants, building their own app is totally out of reach. Not only do they not have the budget for it, but between track and trace QR codes, vaccine passport QR codes and all the other apps on everyone’s phones, most people don’t want the hassle of downloading yet another app.

That’s where a web-app mobile ordering system comes in that uses QR codes to bring up a digital menu. It’s a great option for venues who don’t want to look into a downloadable pub app, but are ready to start capitalising on the ease of mobile ordering.

Pros and cons of apps for pubs

Many pubs choose to create their very own app to provide mobile ordering to their customers. For a customer to regularly visit the same venues, or chain of pubs, an app can be useful. However, for many customers apps can be a hassle to download. Here’s the pros and cons of apps for pubs.

The Pros of using custom built apps for pubs are:

The Cons of using custom built apps for pubs are:

Pros and cons of QR codes

One thing is for sure - mobile ordering using QR codes is here to stay. After it’s success during the COVID-19 restrictions, many venues are keeping mobile ordering as a long term solution. 

The Pros of using QR codes are:

The Cons of using QR codes

Yoello for multiple venues

A major pro of apps for pubs is that multiple venues can use the same app. But what if a mobile ordering system could offer multiple venues set up? Surely that would be the best option?

Well, we think so. With Yoello, venues can have multiple vendors or locations all operating under one system and accessible via a single QR code. This makes it easier to manage as a merchant, and ensures brand consistency across all venues.

Discover how Yoello can help you create a seamless mobile ordering experience now. Shoot us a message for more information, or take Yoello for a test drive today.

July 26, 2021

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