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Mobile ordering ahead: how can restaurants capitalise on convenience?


Mobile ordering is becoming a popular way to order, with people becoming more comfortable with ordering online. While delivery is super convenient for customers, mobile ordering ahead is also becoming popular.


Food delivery allows the consumer to order from the comfort of their own home and get food delivered, however the downsides are that delivery costs can be high. On the other hand, mobile ordering ahead allows the customer to go and pick up their order when it’s ready, without having to pay delivery fees. It offers the convenience of food delivery, without the cost and unreliability that can sometimes come with home delivery.


We’re looking at how restaurants can capitalise on this new need for convenience, by offering mobile ordering ahead.


Mobile ordering in advance is more convenient for the consumer

During the pandemic, mobile ordering in advance for pick up proved itself to be a convenient option for customers. Here are the top reasons that mobile ordering ahead is much more convenient than ordering in, or ordering for delivery.

For the customer, mobile ordering in advance offers minimal customer to server contact. As the UK still navigates the pandemic, customers are looking to have more control over their order and pick up. 

With mobile ordering in advance, the customer is able to minimise their wait time, minimise customer to server contact, and have more control over the pick up process. By picking up directly from the venue, they minimise their food’s exposure to a third party delivery service, and can manage the process themselves.

BeamBox Research recently published that 40 minutes is the longest acceptable wait, on average, for delivery. With mobile ordering in advance the customer doesn’t have to wait for their food for as long as they might with deliveries.

Often with deliveries, the rider or driver will be dropping food at various different addresses. This means that sometimes your food can take a detour before coming directly to your door. Not only does this mean longer wait times, but sometimes it also means colder food and less convenience. 

With mobile ordering in advance the wait times are shorter, and the customer can be sure that as soon as their food is ready they are able to go and pick it up.

With mobile ordering in advance, payments are much more simple and can be done entirely in-app or via a mobile ordering service. For the customer, ordering on their mobile saves time queuing and allows them to browse the menu at their leisure. This results in an average increased spend of 30% with Yoello.


Mobile ordering in advance is also more convenient for businesses 

Ordering in advance is also a great option for businesses, customers can select a time for their order to be ready either for collection or to minimise wait time when dining in. Here are the top reasons that businesses love advanced ordering.

For restaurants, not having to organise delivery is a much more convenient option. Mobile ordering handles the payment, the marketing, the menu and organising the pick up time so that the venue only needs to concentrate on what they’re best at - creating amazing food and drinks.

With a better idea of what needs to be made in advance, food businesses are less likely to become overwhelmed with an influx or orders. When ordering online, the customer will have a clear idea of how long their food will take, and this manages expectations. With a more clear channel of communication between the restaurant and customer, businesses can manage more orders, more efficiently.

Mobile ordering means that businesses can tailor their menu depending on what they have available (or don’t have available) that day. With a fully customisable menu, customers get to order what they want and have all the details about the product before ordering. This is a much better system than face to face ordering, whereby human error can cause confusion. 

With Yoello’s mobile ordering system, you can:

• Edit item descriptions and photos

• Create timed menus and sub-categories

• Add allergen and dietary information

• Customise items with modifiers, preferences and extras

Georgia Coombs
July 1, 2021

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