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Yoello Takes Pride Cymru 2023

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Last weekend, Yoello took to the streets of Cardiff as proud sponsors of Pride Cymru 2023. Our team thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the parade, and the event was a wonderful celebration. At Yoello, we recognise the importance of LGBTQ+ charities and notice the positive impact they make to the community. To demonstrate our allyship and support, Yoello was proud to be able to offer a mobile donation solution - not usually available at Pride - through our ‘Scan To Donate’ QR code technology.  

Our ‘Scan To Donate’ technology allows people to make quick, easy and simple donations from their mobile by scanning the QR code on their camera. QR code technology allows fundraisers to avoid key issues arising in our rapidly changing environment, such as the dramatic decline in cash usage, and the decline of card payments due to increased usage of mobile payment solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. Considering these changes to the way people donate, Yoello charity offers a future proof solution for Charity fundraising. We were incredibly proud to implement this technology at Pride Cymru and help raise money for such an important cause. 

The day commenced with the Yoello team sharing our ‘Scan To Donate’ posters. These were distributed across the pride parade trail and stuck on prime high traffic spots such as the toilet doors and lampposts on route. This was an excellent way of increasing visibility and access to our QR codes. Our team thoroughly enjoyed speaking to various charities and LGBTQ+ organisations during the parade, and at the many wonderful stalls scattered throughout the event. We would also like to say thank you to the many charity volunteers who shared our scan to donate flyers at their stalls! Again, this was an excellent way of sharing the QR code to increase visibility. 

There are several more ways ‘Scan To Donate’ QR codes can be made visible and can be distributed to the public. For example, our charity team made a video displaying the QR code on the big Pride Cymru TV screen, located at Cardiff Castle. This was another high touch point area with lots of ticket holders visiting to see various pride acts and concert performances. Our Yoello team had a fantastic time watching some of the incredible performances showcased during the event! 

We also printed our QR codes to the back of some beautifully looking Yoello pride t-shirts to wear throughout the event. This is another fun way of of sharing the QR code to increase donations, whilst also looking rather snazzy. The t-shirts also provide a mobile way of sharing the QR as opposed to posters which are static and rely on high volumes of traffic. 

During the parade itself, our team walked with a ‘Scan To Donate’ banner, and we managed to distribute almost 1000 business cards with the donation QR code, which was a fantastic result! We want to say a big thank you to all those who donated and helped us raise money for Pride Cymru. We also managed to repurpose the banner after the parade; attaching it to the VIP entrance at pride, further demonstrating how charities can share their QR codes. 

Alongside a successful fundraising campaign, our team had a huge amount of fun at the Pride Parade, and the Pride events held at Cardiff Castle. We met some fantastic people and organisations, and once again would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated. If you couldn’t make it Pride last weekend, don’t worry! It’s not too late to donate! Click here to make a donation now. 

If you’re interested in how Yoello can aid your charity fundraising: click here to book a demo!

June 22, 2023

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