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How can your organisation best use Yoello Charity QR codes?

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Yoello Charity is designed to help you on your fundraising journey, and help your organisation get as many donations as possible. With the rise of the ‘contactless economy’, Yoello Charity offers a cashless donation solution through mobile payments. Simply can the QR code, enter the amount, and donate! 

But you might be wondering ‘how can I use charity QR codes to boost my fundraising?’. Well, we’ve come up with 5 different ways you can use charity QRs to enhance your fundraising efforts, and boost those donations! 

  1. Creating t-shirts for your staff to wear at fundraising events. QR codes don’t just need to be static! By printing them onto items such as t-shirts, you can have QR codes on the move with you at fundraisers and any events you might be going to. You could give shirts to both staff and volunteers who may be fundraising. 

  1. Sticking QR codes onto collection buckets. This way, your organisation can raise money through both cash donations, as well as via mobile payments. It’s important to provide a mobile payment option as well as cash, given the amount of cash carriers rapidly declining. The popularity of QR code scanning has dramatically increased over recent years, and it’s important for your organisation to reach these people too. 

  1. Printing QR codes onto business cards. This way, you can build your network whilst also increasing donations! Business cards are also incredibly versatile as they can be given out at meetings, fundraising events, and even stapled to a charity shop receipt. There are numerous ways to get your business cards out there! 

  1. Creating QR code window stickers. For example: organisations such as charity shops may want to use window stickers to ensure they can still collect donations outside of their usual opening hours. It’s important to make donations as easy and accessible as possible. 

  1. Sharing posters and flyers with your charity QR code. Again, there are numerous ways you can use these: from pinning on a community noticeboard, distributing flyers through the post, handing them out at events, and much more! 

July 20, 2023

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