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Why Mobile Ordering Has Been Invaluable To Street Food Traders

UK Hospitality

Mobile ordering has changed the hospitality landscape, and meant that many small businesses are still able to operate in the face of restrictions in the UK. For independent businesses, ‍having a simple and secure ordering set-up allows customers to order food and drink safely, without staff contact, physical menus or queuing. 

There’s no need to download an app; customers simply scan a QR code and then sit back and relax. This has made a world of difference to street traders who wouldn’t be able to continue in business without this technology. Take a look at why mobile ordering has been invaluable to street food traders with our recent Cardiff case study.

Brothers Thai - Mobile Ordering For Street Food Traders 

We recently caught up with Brothers Thai to chat about how their street food business has benefitted from a mobile ordering system during periods of lockdown restrictions in Wales.

What Are The Best Bits About Mobile Ordering For Small Businesses?

Yoello mobile ordering is ideal for small businesses as it is very cost effective. The returns that can be made on a secure platform like Yoello are around 20-30% increase in spend per head with mobile ordering. This is because it’s easier for people to see what they want to order and make decisions as and when they choose without having the pressure of only being able to order once with the wait staff. 

People assume that using mobile ordering technology will put some level of technological strain on staff, or that they will need to be tech savvy to use it. This simply isn’t the case, and as the Brother Thai video explains, with Yoello you just set it up and it’s ready to go. There is minimal effort or stress for the staff members operating the mobile ordering system.

Mobile ordering is quicker and more reliable than traditional ordering. With person to person ordering there is so much more room for error - wait staff might forget your order, get it wrong, relay it incorrectly to the kitchen staff and so on. With mobile ordering the order is placed online and instantaneously it is sent to the kitchen to be made. There is much less room for error with a mobile system and it’s quicker too.

“Not another app” is something that you hear a lot at the moment in hospitality but the great thing about Yoello is that it’s not an app. You simply get your phone out, scan the QR code and order on mobile without having to download anything. This makes it super easy for customers to use.

For more information on Brothers Thai and how Yoello has helped to boost their business, take a look at their video testimonial. You can also check out Brothers Thai on Facebook, or pop into Depot in Cardiff to taste their delicious Thai food for yourself!

November 2, 2020

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