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The Power of Yoello

UK Hospitality

We’ve won multiple awards over the years, but still many people we speak to don’t know what our platform actually does.

On the surface, it looks like a simple mobile ordering solution, but the truth is Yoello is a powerful technology with multiple solutions to common hospitality problems.

We’re running through what Yoello can do and why these tools can be so important, to help you decide if it’s the right platform for your business.

What does Yoello do?

Yoello started as a mobile ordering solution that was thought up by Cardiff University graduate Sina Yamani. He wanted to create a better online payment solution, using mobile ordering and digital payments.

Yoello disrupted the payments market by utilising open banking technology. No one else was doing this at the time, and Yoello was one of the first payments businesses able to bring customers and merchants closer together. From this starting point, Yoello quickly accelerated and then became essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ecosystem that the Yoello team had created was way ahead of its time, and when the pandemic hit we had all of the tools needed to help take payments in a socially distanced manner. Naturally, the technology was adopted by many amazing hospitality businesses and Yoello became a household name in hospo.

As the business grew rapidly, Yoello started to do more exciting things. We were able to broaden our offering and refine our service, making the Yoello technology truly standout.

Here’s what Yoello can really do

Time for us to shout about how amazing our technology is!

Here’s the good stuff that Yoello can do and the ways that it helps businesses grow and flourish.

Table Ordering

Yoello helps businesses put table ordering into practice, by using a simple QR code order and pay solution. This was essential during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but since then customers have really enjoyed ordering via mobile.

It’s quick, easy and secure and now customers are used to it, it’s become the normal way to order. It also makes life easier for businesses, who are able to manage with shorter staff numbers thanks to the menu access and payment options via mobile.

Quick Pick -Up

The Quick Pick-Up feature allows customers to order food and drinks and continue on with their day, and then return to pick up their order when it’s ready. This minimises queues and helps people enjoy their time without having to worry about waiting for their order.

Events like concerts, festivals and plenty of other big gatherings can be boosted with a quick pick up option. Not only does it aid social distancing but it also improves the customer experience and saves time.

Click & Collect

Similar to quick pick up, the click & collect option puts the power in the customers hands. They are able to order via mobile and then select a time that suits them to pick up their order.

The click & collect system is much easier on your staff, who only need to prepare their order and ensure it is safely picked up. It requires less team members, minimises contact between staff and customers and enables customers to select a time that suits them.

Room Service

For hotels, room service can be a difficult offering but one that customers often expect. With a mobile room service system, customers can order from their hotel room and get a notification when the order is on its way.

The integrated system updates the customer automatically so that your team only needs to worry about prepping the order and taking it to the customer’s room. The result is hassle-free room service for both the customer and business.


If you’d like to organise your own delivery service without using the bigger marketplace companies that take a juicy cut for themselves, Yoello is a great option.

With the delivery solution from Yoello you can keep track of takeaway orders and keep your customers in the loop through the platform. It makes delivery easy and cost-effective for businesses, and keeps customers updated and informed.

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Isabella Mawer
November 29, 2021

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