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Scan for menu technology: how does it work?

Even though the pandemic as we know it is over, QR code menus are here to stay. 

Scan for menu technologies have transformed customer service in the hospitality industry, shifting traditional notions of the customer journey. 

These smartphone accessible menus have streamlined the ordering process for both venues and customers. They allow patrons to get their food faster, and staff to be more efficient. 

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder customers prefer to order via mobile. 

We’re going to explore the ins and outs of QR code ordering, highlighting its benefits for hospitality venues.

What’s a QR Order and Pay system?

QR Order and Pay systems simplify the customer journey and contribute to the efficiency of venues. They do this by allowing people to browse menus, order, and pay, all from their smartphones. 

But how do these technologies work?

Well, they’re actually very simple. 

When it comes to using QR ordering systems, like Yoello, there is no app download required. Customers simply need to scan a QR code from their device to open up the menu. 

Then, they’re able to add items to their cart, make any necessary modifications, and pay using whichever payment method they desire. It’s really that easy.  

Why are QR code ordering systems so popular?

People love to use their smartphones, so the popularity of QR code ordering makes perfect sense. In fact, it’s been found that 83% of customers prefer to order via mobile, putting venues who have QR ordering technologies at an advantage. 

QR code menus give customers control over their ordering, allowing them to order at their own pace and as many times as they like. This flexibility plays a big role in the growing popularity of scan for menu technologies.

Alongside customers, venues also love mobile ordering systems. They free up staff, boost customer satisfaction and contribute to an increase in revenue, making them a worthwhile addition to any hospitality venue. 

How QR code ordering alters the customer journey

From being seated to paying, QR code ordering transports the entire customer journey from the physical space to the smartphone. 

It’s almost like the phone becomes a personal assistant, there to satisfy your customer’s every need.

Smart devices are streamlining the customer journey by providing faster, more efficient ways to order and pay. Customers no longer have to rely on the time constraints of staff members. No matter how busy a venue is, patrons are able to order what they want, whenever they want it with mobile ordering. 

Benefits of QR code menus

Yoello’s QR code menus have many features that’ll enhance the experience of your customers and improve the efficiency of your business.

  1. They’re easy to use

The Yoello interface is easy to use and navigate, even for people who aren’t experts at using their phones. 

  1. Menus are easier to update

Yoello makes it easy for businesses to make changes to their menus, whether it be altering prices or adding new items. This saves the time and effort that goes into editing and reprinting physical menus. 

  1. You can add visuals to your menus

Yoello also allows venues to add images to their virtual menus, allowing people to get a better idea of what they’re ordering. 

  1. QR code menus increase average order value

It’s been found that customers spend 30% more with QR code menus than they do with traditional menus. This is because it’s easy to upsell using QR code menus, making them an effective way to increase customer spend.

  1. You can add benefits and discounts to your menu

Another way to increase your average order value is by adding promotions to your virtual menu. Yoello allows you to activate discounts, which builds customer loyalty and increases overall revenue.

  1. Customers feel like they’re in control

With QR ordering, customers are able to order as many times as they like without having to wait for staff members to take their order. They’re also allowed to directly add things to their cart, giving them more autonomy over their ordering.

  1. QR code menus are discrete

Mobile ordering is ideal for socially awkward customers, or for people who aren’t in the mood to interact with others. Customers are able to order straight from their phones without having to approach a single staff member, making them inclusive for people who struggle to socialise.

  1. Increased order accuracy

Mobile ordering puts the customer in charge of their own order, making them less likely to make any mistakes. This increases their overall satisfaction and their likelihood of returning to your venue.

  1. Yoello has a built-in tipping feature

Yoello’s tipping feature reminds each and every customer to tip. This increases the likelihood of receiving tips, as often, staff members will forget to ask for tips.

The tipping feature also increases the likelihood of tipping even on a lower value order.

How QR code menus help venues flourish

Whilst they’re great for customers, QR code menus are also very helpful for hospitality venues. We’re going to explore why. 

They’re efficient 

QR code menus free up staff to dedicate more time to customer service, and get food out faster. As a result, mobile ordering increases table turnover by 40%.

They increase customer loyalty

Because it allows for faster service, QR ordering leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction, which increases the likelihood of returning customers. 

Customer loyalty is also influenced by:

They increase revenue

QR ordering technologies increase revenue for hospitality businesses by:

Yoello also has no transaction fees, allowing businesses to keep 100% of their earnings.

They’re a great source of analytics

Mobile ordering provides you with lots of valuable customer data that you can use to make improvements to your business.

QR ordering allows you to find out a range of information, including:

Mobile ordering provides you with rich data which can help you market your business and become more competitive.

Start using mobile ordering technology today

Mobile ordering technologies are revolutionising the hospitality industry. Not only are they easy to use, but they increase customer and employee satisfaction, contributing to the success of your venue.

Today, businesses who don’t keep up with the competition end up blending into the background. Take control of your situation and look into QR code ordering today

Do you want to experience the benefits of Yoello? Book a demo today.

Laura Stupple
July 27, 2022

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