Mobile ordering - who's doing it?

UK Hospitality

In recent years hospitality businesses have turned to new technology to help streamline operations and improve customer service. 

Self-service and mobile ordering are key areas of tech innovation for the industry right now with early adopters such as McDonalds, Wahaca, KFC and Wetherspoons all seeing a surge in customer spending as a result of implementing it.   

It goes without saying that mobile ordering marks a major change in the hospitality landscape. It’s estimated that the mobile ordering industry is already worth a staggering $38 billion. 

One of the first adopters of mobile ordering was the worldwide pizza chain Dominos. They introduced mobile ordering via their website in 2007, and then launched their mobile ordering app in 2011. It completely revolutionized the pizza ordering experience with ultimate customer convenience. Dominos now receive over half of all their orders globally through digital channels, with half at least of this specifically from mobile ordering. 

With a growth of 328% year on year for mobile payments, it doesn't seem like the industry is slowing down any time soon. The likes of Uber Eats and Deliveroo have accelerated the growth of mobile ordering in the hospitality industry for deliveries collectively taking almost 100,000 orders a day in the UK alone.

Yoello is addressing the growing demand for in-venue mobile ordering, so watch this space!

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April 17, 2020

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