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Mobile Ordering Psychology: Has Mobile Ordering Changed how we Order?

UK Hospitality

No matter the style of restaurant, having digital ordering capabilities is essential in this day and age. Whatever the location, be it in the remote suburbs or smack in the middle of town, food service should have a mobile presence in order to entice customers. Mobile ordering has always been important, however in 2020 it has become essential due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In 2020, many customers have been praising mobile ordering, finding it quicker and easier than dealing with face to face waiters. We’re looking at the psychology behind mobile ordering and how it has instilled confidence in the public and enabled people to order what they want, when they want. 

Why is mobile ordering so important?

Mobile ordering has enabled many businesses to carry out COVID-safe operations in their venues, and also allowed restaurants to offer a mobile delivery or pick up service. As we move into a future where mobile ordering is once again becoming essential, it will be crucial for restaurants to have mobile ordering in place and to understand how consumers interact with it.

Whilst apps are a good option to increase exposure and reach new customers, they can also be off-putting to customers. That’s why app-less mobile ordering hits a psychological sweet spot for today's phone-wielding public, and will be an essential in any restaurant’s toolkit.

Here’s the psychology behind the success of mobile ordering:

Firstly, mobile ordering systems simplify the process. What could be more relaxing than that? It’s simpler not just for the customer, but for the business as well. It means that they need less people on the ground to take orders, and it also lowers the risk of transmission due to customer and waiter interaction.

With mobile ordering, businesses waste less time answering phone calls, or writing orders down by hand. Pretty calligraphy aside, writing orders down is a mistake-heavy way of operating an orders system. Mobile ordering means less complaints from wrong orders, and a safer overall experience. This instantly puts the customer’s mind at ease.

Tapping away on their phone, customers tend to order with a little more expression than when faced with expectant waiting staff. Many customers are finding that they’re more comfortable with choosing something a bit more crazy on mobile than they would face to face. 

This might be because they were previously worried about what people might think, but there is also the factor of interactive touchscreen menus that stir people into experimenting…

Customised digital menus can show many more possible culinary combinations. Fast food CEO, Joe Sheetz commented that ““You find that some people have interesting tastes, thanks to the touch screen. They will put mayo on something you and I would never put mayo on. Some of the things you add onto a sandwich are free, others are upcharges”.

Mobile ordering makes the whole ordering process more transparent and authentic, and enables people to order what really takes their fancy.

There is also interesting psychology to consider when crafting digital menus. For example, customers tend to scan physical menus very quickly. On average, they spend just 109 seconds browsing their options. 

However, when scrolling through their phones, people tend to linger longer as they feel more comfortable with their device in hand. Overall, it leads to a better user experience.

Having a mobile ordering system makes it really easy to enhance the customer experience. It’s easier to take orders, implement promotions, and create a loyalty rewards program. 

This is a major perk of having a mobile ordering system. In the restaurant industry, loyalty rewards programs are very effective. In fact, 71 % of the core customers who belong to at least one restaurant loyalty program will join the loyalty program of her or his most frequented restaurant and then use it more than any other loyalty program.

For the customer, mobile ordering makes things simple and improves their overlap experience and for a business, having the ability to upsell with ease can increase your Spend Per Head. Customers spend on average 30% more through Yoello.


Plus, there are many more benefits of using mobile ordering systems - many of which are linked with generating a more pleasant psychological experience for the customer. Take a look at some of the features that these platforms can bring.  

Using a Mobile Order & Pay platform like Yoello boosts the customer experience, increases spend per head and enables people to order what they really want. Learn more today!

Richard Billingsley
December 21, 2020

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