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Mobile ordering helps festivals and big events evolve

UK Hospitality

Mobile ordering is one of the most highly adopted and successful technologies in the hospitality sector. As events open back up, it is now helping festivals and large events run in a COVID-safe manner.

Mobile ordering technology is helping events run seamlessly, improving customer relationships and delivering insights that can ultimately boost both safety and profits. 

Take a look at the role mobile ordering has played in getting festivals and large events back up and running this summer.

Mobile ordering is helping hospitality undergo digital transformation

Without digital transformation, businesses fall behind. This is something that every company knew prior to COVID-19, but many did nothing about. In a COVID-19 world, the power of technology has been solidified and in many cases has become essential. 

This has been especially true in industries like hospitality, where technology has been vital to opening safely. Without it, businesses have struggled to open up, run events and invite the public into their spaces.

The good news is mobile ordering technology has helped the industry accelerate and remain in business over the past 2 years. And as big events, festivals and clubs open up once again, businesses are leaning on technology to ensure that they are able to run COVID-safe operations.

Why is mobile ordering the perfect match for festivals and events?

Mobile ordering technology is a match made in heaven for festivals, clubs and large events. Many venues and spaces are opting to use mobile ordering technology that utilises QR codes in order to host large events safely.

Here’s why mobile ordering works so well at events:

There is no denying that running a large event in a COVID safe manner is a challenge. However, with mobile ordering technology, event runners can encourage effective social distancing and serve customers quickly, even during peak times.

Not to mention, they are able to gain real time insight into sales, and can change their menu on the go. When you’re in a high pressure environment like a large event or festival, having these insights at your fingertips can be a game changer.

When queues are long at food trucks and bars at festivals, often customers will be given a buzzer or a ticket which tells them when their food is ready to pick up. This isn’t particularly COVID friendly as it involves close contact between servers and customers. 

Using a mobile ordering service means that people don’t have to touch anything other than their phone and can collect their food from a collection point with minimal contact.

Festivals and large events aren’t renowned for being the most hygienic of places, so putting the customer at ease should be a top priority. Consumer trust needs to be rebuilt following COVID-19, and showing that your event provides mobile ordering is a great way to show your commitment to COVID safety.

The more relaxed customers feel, the likely they are to order whatever they want and enjoy their experience. With many people already comfortable with using mobile ordering technology, it’s a great option to keep customer’s safety concerns at bay. 

Anyone who has been to a festival or large event knows that getting something to eat or drink can be a nightmare. Without mobile ordering, queues can go on forever, cause customer frustration and discourage people from spending. 

Food and drink queues are one of the worst things about big events (minus the portaloos - unfortunately we can’t help you with those).

However, with mobile ordering technology people can order from the comfort of their tent or seat and pick up their food when it’s ready. That means minimised queues, minimised customer contact and happy customers who don’t have to wait forever for their food.

Yoello powers festivals and events 

Yoello has been the leading technology for festivals and events looking to open up after COVID. With a new collection points feature coming soon, there’s lots to be excited about when you partner with Yoello. 

Yoello powered Wales’ first large music event back in May, and since then our mobile technology has helped plenty of other festivals and events find their feet. For event runners, it can seem like a minefield learning how to comply with COVID rules. But with an experienced team of Yoello mobile ordering experts on hand, remaining compliant is much easier.

Chat to us today for more information, and find out how Yoello could power your next event.

Georgia Coombs
August 17, 2021

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