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Is It Safe To Visit A Restaurant During COVID-19?

UK Hospitality

It’s been a crazy few months of lockdown, with many people in countries across the globe having to go without trips to their favourite restaurants. Much to the public’s delight, recently the UK has edited the regulations meaning that we can now venture out into our towns and cities and experience eating in a restaurant again.

Whilst the UK government and individual businesses are doing their best to keep everyone safe and cultivate a COVID-safe culture, many people are still questioning whether it is safe to visit a restaurant in the era of COVID.

The government has given some pretty clear advice to restaurants wanting to open during COVID-19, in the interest of reducing the spread of the virus. However, we want to explore what we, as customers, can do to stay safe and visit a restaurant safely during COVID.

Take a look at our top tips on remaining safe as a customer, in line with government guidance.

Can I Visit A Restaurant During COVID-19?

In short, yes. In line with new government advice, you can visit a restaurant during COVID-19. The measures that have come into play recently seek to protect us all from the spread of coronavirus, and ensure that we can dine out safely.

Here’s what you can expect from restaurants, according to new guidelines:

What Can I Do To Stay Safe When Eating Out In The UK?

As a consumer, there are some further steps that we can take to keep safe when dining out in the UK during COVID-19.

  1. Take the guidelines seriously 

The guidelines from the government give good instructions on how to conduct yourself at a restaurant or in public in the UK. It is important to respect these guidelines and take them seriously. This means practicing social distancing and good general hygiene.

  1. Select COVID secure venues

We all have to be vigilant during this time. This means that if you notice that a restaurant isn’t adhering to the guidelines outlined above, then you should question whether you should be dining there. 

The responsibility is on us all to call out non-adherence to the guidelines and leave a venue if we feel unsafe. That being said, in general, restaurants are trying very hard to play safe and follow the instructions.

  1. Minimise your contact with surfaces and dining equipment

It’s recommended that we avoid touching surfaces where possible, as well as minimising contact with things like cutlery and sauces. Bottles of ketchup and mayonnaise should be replaced by individual sachets in restaurants, but if they are not then you should avoid using any communal utensils or sauces altogether.

  1. Sit outside where possible

This won’t always be possible - restaurants will likely need technology to help them move ordering online. However, if you’re able to order online and have your food brought to you in an outdoor space then this will be much safer than sitting inside.

  1. Stay inside if you feel unwell

This goes without saying, however the best way that we can all stay safe is by minimising contact with people who have COVID-19. This means if you feel unwell, or may have been in contact with someone who has the virus, then you need to stay inside and isolate.

How Can I Know If A Venue Is COVID Secure?

This is a tricky question, as many venues are operating under COVID secure regulations, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are nailing it. Whether a restaurant is operating safely in COVID terms, is largely up to the general public. Factors concerning the public like minimising contact, booking in advance, maintaining good hygiene and following the rules are up to the customer.

That said, you can look out for businesses that are operating in new ways and advertising their commitment to operating COVID securely. These businesses that are investing in new mobile ordering technology, following government guidelines and keeping consumers updated with their COVID secure commitments are more likely to be COVID secure.

For more information, take a look at our guide to reopening for restaurants which should give you a good idea of how restaurants should be operating in the UK during COVID-19. Alternatively, you can get in touch today to learn more about Yoello!

Written by Laura Stupple

July 13, 2020

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