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How to make your club, venue or event safer

UK Hospitality

Whilst restrictions have eased since August, venues are back to business. This is an amazing time for the UK hospitality industry, as things have finally returned to normality after nearly 2 years of restrictions.


One area of the industry that has made a miraculous comeback over the past few months is the events, festival and live music sector. With mass gatherings open for business once again, it’s a great time to welcome customers back to your venue or event.


But in order to remain safe and compliant, it’s vital that venues have COVID-safe procedures in place. By implementing these safety measures, you’ll be able to put customer’s minds at ease and ensure that you can stay open in the future.



Staying Safe As Restrictions Ease


Reopening was an exciting time, but it can also be a stressful time too. With lots of regulations that need to be adhered to whilst we are still not out of the dark with COVID, businesses can find themselves under pressure to do the right thing and stop the spread.


Don't stress though. It’s not as scary as it might seem. With some simple safety measures in place, venues can boost their compliance and ensure that they’re on top of COVID measures. 



Top Measures To Keep Your Venue Safer 


Some of our top tips to keep your event COVID-safe are:



Rapid onsite testing is the best (and only) way to manage who is on your site and whether they have COVID. Rapid testing is being used by many event companies and clubs who are ensuring that face-to-face events can run by testing for COVID-19 upon entry. Often there is a pre-event test, and then a face-to-face test that reinforces the result.



One of the more simple methods of combating COVID-19, but one of the most effective. Creating cleaning rotas and keeping on top of how often you’re cleaning is vital. Not only is it required as part of work health and safety compliance, but it’s also an effective way to minimise the spread and keep your venue open.



Staff bubbles are a great way to keep your team safe. They ensure that less people are exposed to COVID if there is a case at your venue.


This also means that your business can keep as many hands on deck as possible. By splitting your staff into sections, it means that when one team member has to isolate due to being exposed to COVID, you don’t lose your whole workforce. 



Cutting queues wherever possible is vital. This means minimising bar queues, toilet queues and entry queues, so that people don’t mingle.


One of the best options for managing queues are mobile alerts that tell people when they are able to come to the station. Yoello’s ‘pick up now’ option is a great way to reduce bar queues and ensure that people only come into contact with staff when picking up their food and drinks.




Making more room is one of the best ways to ensure that people are kept safe in your venue. If you're outdoors, this is much easier. Many large events have ample outdoor space which can be utilised.


If you’re inside, consider reshuffling the space so that areas where people are standing up have more room. This could mean creating extra dancefloor space, or ensuring that walkways are kept as open as possible.



Sometimes people need a gentle reminder to use QR codes, social distance where possible and respect other people’s choice to wear a mask. Putting pop up signs to remind people to respect those who want to keep their distance and wear a mask can go a long way.


These signs can show that you have a zero-tolerance to any form of abuse and are fully inclusive.

Have You Reopened Safely?

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Isabella Mawer
October 5, 2021

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