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How to increase items in a customer's cart with mobile ordering

UK Hospitality

Getting a customer to visit your website is a small victory in itself. It means you’re operating well with SEO and customers are aware of your brand. But getting visitors is only the first step; once they’ve visited your page you need to present them with what they’ve set out to find, as well as related products that will maximise how they use your cart.

There are a few ways you can increase the average order value of customer’s carts whether they’re ordering online or using mobile ordering at your venue…

Present related products

One of the most important benefits that mobile ordering technology can bring is personalisation. Make sure to customise your online menu with modifiers and preferences that present your customer with products that people usually buy together. This means that customers can order what they want, exactly how they want it.

Furthermore, you can offer related products with links like: “You might also be interested in …” If done correctly, these kinds of prompts can pay dividends and will maximise cart spending. Some thought and research needs to go into this strategy though – presenting something totally irrelevant to the customers preferences is likely to reduce spending rather than increase it. 

There is scope to play around with where these related items are placed as well. You might want to experiment between having them jump out on the ‘product/menu page’, as a ‘cart-add confirmation popup’ or during checkout, in order to see what generates the best results. 

Offer a discount

Offering discounts on a certain price threshold can really encourage customers to purchase more products. Discounts work as either a percentage off, or as a set amount. This is an especially good way of moving specific inventory, as the discount can be limited to certain products. 

Digital ordering allows you to upsell with ease, through extras and offer promotions with timed menus and offers, as well as bulk discounts. This in turn increases your Spend Per Head. In fact, customers have been seen to spend on average 30% more through Yoello mobile ordering. This is enabled further with order & pay by allowing people to add more to their cart without the judgement of having to order in front of other people.

Bundle products together

Customers can also be persuaded to buy a set of related items if they can be grouped together into a package that is ultimately cheaper. According to research, this functions best if there is the available choice to pay for the items individually and then also as a package deal to showcase the bundle offering.

This research also found that when presenting a bundle offer, it looks appealing if the original price has been struck through, and the newer, cheaper price is shown alongside it.

It’s tough work getting customers onto your site. The modern day e-customer is tricky to pin down and has a wealth of options at their fingertips. That’s why it’s essential to provide them with a seamless and attractive mobile ordering experience whether that's alone online, or in a venue using mobile ordering.

Systems like Yoello allow you to present them with what they initially wanted to buy and then take advantage of customers’ buying mind-set by showing them related products. On top of that, mobile ordering systems then give you the ability to offer various kinds of incentives to check out further items in the cart – maximising their precious visit to your site or venue.

March 23, 2021

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