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How to increase customer spend using mobile Order & Pay

UK Hospitality

When it comes to setting up your digital menu, there are some super quick tips to get your customers spending more.

We spoke to a wide range of our customers who shared some of their favourite:

Have it your way

Mobile ordering has certainly brought out the picky diner!

Fast food CEO, Joe Sheetz commented that ““You find that some people have interesting tastes, thanks to the touch screen. They will put mayo on something you and I would never put mayo on. Some of the things you add onto a sandwich are free, others are upcharges”.

Offer your customers more flexibility when they order to improve their ordering experience and make them feel in control - this will encourage even your fussiest customers to order more or try more menu items.

Mobile ordering has brought on a lot of psychological changes in the way we order

Offer a takeaway or click & collect option

Good to go - be sure to include these options on your menu to show ordering flexibility.

Some of the best restaurants now provide a heat at home kits so diners can enjoy the best food from the comfort of their house.  

Price anchoring

The main role of that £100 meze... the only three-digit item on the menu is to make everything else listed near it look like a relative bargain.

When used correctly, this can encourage customers to spend more by giving the perception that they are getting a great deal.

Photo quality

In a tech savvy world you need to ensure images of your food are not pixelated - this can be a deciding factor in a choice by your diners!

Similar to when you’re sat in a restaurant and a waiter brings over plates of food to another table!

Remove the currency sign!

A currency sign is one of the top things restaurants should avoid including in a menu, because it immediately reminds the customers that they’re spending money.

Product positioning on your menu

Using the Yoello insight tools to see your top selling food and drink items and put your high selling items at the top - anyone for Wagyu beef? 

Upsell using your side dishes and desserts

If you haven’t added extras or meal deals then now is the time to do it.

Did you know - digital menus with well positioned extra and side dish suggestions is proven to increase SPH by up to 30%


This is when you provide customers an item with two sizes. It's similar to price anchoring, the larger size will make the smaller size seem more reasonable. 

Works great for pizzas! 

Find out more about using these tips on a digital menu

Richard Billingsley
January 27, 2021

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