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How To Get Started With Mobile Ordering

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Mobile ordering has been the saving grace for the hospitality industry in recent years. It’s success has been so prevalent, that many people wonder whether physical menus will ever make a comeback. Many of us haven’t ordered off a physical menu in nearly a year and a half, making the thought of touching a sticky paper menu ever again almost impossible to think about. 

The truth is, the hospitality industry needed to get it together a long time ago when it comes to mobile ordering, however COVID-19 has simply sped up that process and made it essential that businesses have a tech solution. In many ways, this technological transformation will serve the industry, providing a safer and more efficient way of ordering for customers in the future.

In this article we’re unpacking what mobile ordering is and how to get started with mobile ordering (spoiler alert: it’s much easier than you think).

What Is Mobile Ordering?

Mobile ordering is a way to order via mobile. The name really does give it away! However you may have heard mobile ordering be called a variety of things from online ordering to virtual ordering, but they essentially all refer to the same thing.

Mobile ordering allows hospitality businesses to accept orders and payments from a distance, in allowing the customer to order and pay via their mobile device. The system usually uses a QR code to show the customer a menu, take their order, take payment via a mobile device and then relay that information to the businesses so they can prepare the food and bring it out.

It has been essential in COVID times, as it enables hospitality businesses to minimise human contact and make the whole process COVID safe. As social distancing still remains in place over the next few months and years, having mobile ordering in place will be essential for businesses.

How Do Online Orders Work?

Online orders via a platform like Yoello make the whole ordering process mobile. This minimises contact and makes the whole process seamless. The best bit? The process is a lot more simple than people think. Yoello can take you from the point of getting in touch to being a mobile ordering business in no time.

The process follows these easy steps:

  1. The customer scans a QR code to open an online menu

When you work with Yoello, you won’t need to get your customer to log in to any platform or download an app. Both of which can be barriers to a good online ordering system. Instead, you simply offer them a QR code (or a web URL) at their table or upon entry, and then they can access an online menu via a browser on mobile or desktop!

  1. The customer can browse the menu and make an order online

With easy options to edit and add items to the menu, as well as remove options when they sell out, you are able to make the menu your own. Studies have also shown that the average order value increases when orders are placed online, so it’s a great opportunity to boost add ons and encourage spending - cu.

  1. This is then paid for by the customer via mobile, with any instructions or special requests added

The customer is then able to pay securely via mobile, using their wallet on their phone or entering card details. 

  1. Payment is received securely online and the bar, restaurant, cafe or other hospitality venue gets the order through

Once placed, the order will come through immediately to the kitchen or management team who can then prepare the order.

  1. The customer’s order is prepared and either brought out to their table or made ready for pick up

With minimal contact, wait staff can then bring the order to the table, or the customer can pick up their food for take out.

  1. Yoello is always there to support you

Above and beyond these simple steps it is good to know that Yoello is always there to help if you get stuck with the process. We have made the system intuitive and easy to use, so you don’t need to be at all technical to set it up. We offer training and set up to get you started, and then from there Yoello operator support is always able to offer a helping hand.

How Do I Sign Up For Mobile Ordering?

Signing up your business with Yoello mobile ordering is quick and easy! As a customer, you don't need to download an app to use our platform, you can simply scan the QR code to get access to the venues online platform.


To sign up your business with Yoello visit the merchant sign up page.

May 19, 2021

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