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How to choose the right mobile ordering solution to help you reopen safely after lockdown

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There can be no denying that the hospitality industry has been severely shaken by Coronavirus. The very essence of our industry is based on the values of bringing people together, and enjoying communal food and venues that create a kind of gastronomical event.

It’s one of the grounding aspects of every human society ever, and is one of the things people are most excited about as we try to return to the ‘new normal’. In order to thrive in the post-COVID world, venues will of course need to adapt in order to provide a safe social environment to carry out such experiences. 

Social distancing guidelines are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future, which presents an ongoing challenge to venue owners who have to operate their business at a reduced capacity.

The good news is that technology has provided us with a few options such as mobile ordering, which is paving the way as a favoured tool. Here’s how you can use a mobile ordering tool to make reopening venues safer and tackle the difficulties of operating at a reduced capacity.

Why Is Mobile Ordering So Essential?

There are a few reasons that mobile ordering is going to become so essential to reopening venues in the coming weeks and months. 

Covid Secure risk assessments are required to be completed before businesses and workplaces are allowed to reopen. So this means that it will be compulsory to have some kind of plan in place to show how you will cope with the reopening of your venue.

For hospitality, this currently only applies to reopening with limited services such as collection or deliveries. When businesses are permitted to reopen public spaces within a venue, this will inevitably still be a requirement with many more safety factors to address. 

The key control measures are social distancing and hygiene which will require venues to be managed in an entirely new way. Mobile ordering tackles many of the challenges businesses are faced with when operating with social distancing measures and will play a key role in venues being able to demonstrate that they have a robust risk assessment in place.

Here’s how mobile ordering tackles some of the main challenges of reopening:

For more information, take a look at our guide on how to reopen with Social Distancing and Mobile Ordering.

Choosing the right platform for your business

Thinking of getting on board with the mobile ordering revolution? Take a look at the top things to consider when selecting a mobile ordering solution:

  1. Choose a trusted platform

In the growing world of mobile payment providers it can be tricky deciding which platforms are most reputable. A good starting point is to look out for the companies that can demonstrate they are certified or authorised by an official body, for example being FCA authorised to handle payments.

  1. Look for something that easily fits alongside your existing systems 

A good mobile ordering platform should require minimal disruption to your existing systems. You want to select a platform that operates neatly alongside or integrates with you current set up with minimal fuss for your staff. 

  1. Feature rich: click & collect, deliveries and table ordering all in one.

In the current climate it is crucial for hospitality businesses to diversify their revenue streams to make up for operational limitations presented by coronavirus restrictions. If your business is offering a combination of click & collect, delivery or table ordering services, it makes sense to manage these through a single platform for efficiency and convenience.

  1. Customer experience - easy to use, frictionless 

During this period, trust is low and people are reluctant to venture out in the first place. Providing them with a solution that takes longer and causes more stress isn’t going to be well received. With this in mind, look for a platform that is easy to use and makes the customer experience more enjoyable.

  1. Low fees / no hidden costs

These times are hard enough without big companies taking extortionate fees to help businesses with mobile ordering and delivery services. Look around for the up-and-coming businesses with a better offering. Yoello charges just 1.25 - 1.5% in transaction fees with no additional/hidden fees, as opposed to the huge 30% commission charged by companies such as Deliveroo or Just Eat.

  1. Straight forward management of platform - merchant portal

Using a platform should be an easy experience that makes your life a breeze. Look for a platform with a merchant portal that allows you to manage the platform itself and keep on top of how you’re running things.

How to get the most out of having a newly implemented mobile ordering solution

So, now that you’ve chosen the right platform, it’s time to look at how to use it in order to bring customers in and make sure their visit is enjoyable.

Are you ready to learn more about the best COVID-secure platforms to help you reopen your venue? Look no further than Yoello - the world’s most powerful payments platform.

Written by Laura Stupple

June 13, 2020

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