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Food Delivery Technology: How Is It Revolutionising Food Delivery?

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Food delivery technology is revolutionising food delivery by allowing people to order, track and access their food in new and innovative ways. During the current time, when food delivery has been one of the only options, food technology has been hailed as a modern day hero. It’s a trend that’s here to stay, so it pays for brands to sharpen up their food delivery technology.

Why should brands improve their food delivery technology?

Recent research has shown that more people are now using online systems to order food deliveries than any other method. As such, it makes sense for businesses to understand how to best utilise online technology.

Brands should improve their food delivery technology to:

Top Food Delivery Technology That Is Changing How We Deliver

Making food orders more efficient

An online ordering system makes food orders much easier to add into a workflow. Within a busy kitchen environment, it can be common for dockets to be lost, customer allergies to be missed and the wrong meals being made due to human error. This can have terrible consequences.

With online ordering, everything is documented online with one line of contact from the customer to the kitchen team. This means that the order is much easier to place into a workflow and create without error. 

As a by-product of the increase in online ordering, many restaurants now have two workflows - one for food that is staying in-house and one for take out food. This allows food orders to be very efficient and minimises the risk of human error.

Communication technology makes delivery seamless

Utilising online delivery app technology means that restaurants and venues have another person on the ground. The consumer is able to contact their rider or driver and ask them where they are, how they are getting on or whether they will be delayed.

This helps to manage expectations and also takes the pressure off the restaurant or venue themselves. With another person communicating with your customer during that order time, the venue is able to maintain contact with their customer and improve their experience.

AI is offering a personalised approach

As online ordering increases, companies are able to get a better understanding of who their customer is and how they might respond to marketing techniques. AI technology has enabled food delivery apps to create personalised messages that are based on the customer’s previous orders. 

On top of this, technology is now enabling us to edit the menu that an individual person sees to tailor it to their likes and dislikes. By tempting them with their favourite food options, food delivery technology is able to retarget customers and keep in touch.

Delivery data analytics inform marketing tactics 

Food delivery apps offer incredible insight into customers. Whether you want to know what people are buying, how they navigate your menu, or their age and demographic, online ordering goes hand in hand with amazing data that can boost decision making.

Delivery data can customise the consumer experience and get closer to what the customer wants. Unique customer data can inform marketing tactics and help brands to better understand their consumers.

Do you want to invest in better food technology for your business? Learn how you can boost orders, improve safety and future-proof your business with Yoello.

February 17, 2021

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