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Can pubs afford to operate without Mobile Table Ordering?

UK Hospitality

Can pubs afford to operate without Mobile Table Ordering?

Covid has changed the hospitality sector, however for many pubs the past few months of reopening venues has been life saving. Although the government’s eat out to help out scheme has been criticised for increasing case numbers, the effect it has had on the hospitality sector has been positive overall.

Mobile table ordering has played a huge role in the survival of the hospitality sector, but with many pubs still yet to partner with a mobile ordering platform, we’re asking whether they can afford to operate without one.

What Are The New Regulations For Pubs?

For many bars, pubs and restaurants, staying open during coronavirus is crucial to their survival post-2020. For this reason, it is very important that pubs understand the new regulations that they must abide by. 

The new rules for pubs can be summarised as:

How Can Pubs Lean On Mobile Table Ordering To Comply?

The new regulations that have come into play have put more pressure on pubs to use technology that enables them to comply. Businesses must rely on innovative technology to stay alive during this period of great change. 

Mobile ordering helps pubs keep people at their tables, whilst minimising both the contact with wait staff and movement within the venue. With mobile ordering that works on customer’s phones, they needn’t touch anything in the pub like a menu or card reader which helps boost hygiene and lowers the risk of transmission. It also helps pubs move to a cashless model which decreases the risk of contact between people from different households.

On top of this, mobile table ordering is much more efficient and speeds up dining and drinking. Instead of having one or two wait staff who are trying to dart around to each table to take drinks orders, staff can simply deliver the food and drinks to the table when they are ready. This saves on the cost of additional wages,  limits interaction times and also speeds up the entire ordering process. This is great for pubs who want to get more people in and out of the door before the 10pm curfew.

What Are The Consequences Of Not Using Mobile Table Ordering?

With measures getting stricter and UK COVID cases rising, it seems that mobile table ordering will become inevitable and perhaps even compulsory for pubs until COVID cases settle again.

Pubs can’t risk breaking the new COVID safety regulations, when the implications are so serious. As well as facing reputation damage and posing a huge risk to society, pubs in the UK could face the following fines if they break COVID rules:

A COVID-safe solution for your business

All of these regulations can make pub owners scared to open, however that is not what anyone wants. We all want to see the hospitality sector, and pubs in particular, thrive again.

The solution to the latest regulations of table-only service is mobile ordering - a solution that helps pubs keep people at their seats whilst still providing a premium service.

For more information, take a look at our guide to reopening or reach out to discuss how Yoello could help your business. 

Richard Billingsley
October 8, 2020

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