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5 Ways To Boost The Use Of Mobile Ordering

UK Hospitality

“Oh, not another app I have to download…”

You might’ve heard it from potential customers waiting in line to be seated. You might’ve said it yourself. Traditional hospitality is shifting, incorporating technology like mobile ordering to ensure stricter hygiene measures. Although these are great measures, many companies are opting to use their own apps and as a result the apps keep piling up on everyone’s phone and can be very off putting.

Yoello changes that. Customers simply scan, order and pay without having to download an app at all. This amazing technology makes mobile ordering simple, so that your customers don't get flustered trying to order their food and drinks.

If you’re struggling to get people to use your mobile technology, whatever model you’re using at the moment, here are five ways to boost the use of Mobile Ordering:


Having the capability of a Mobile Ordering service like Yoello is a great USP. It’s a secure, seamless and hassle-free system that makes the dining experience safer and less stressful for everyone involved.

However, sometimes having these systems is not enough - it’s important that you advertise it and remind people to use it. Social media and even more old-school flyers are effective ways of advertising that your establishment is ready for service and using mobile ordering systems in these changing times.


 Mobile Ordering can provide an opportunity to easily introduce a loyalty scheme. Everybody loves to have their loyalty recognised – especially when it involves free food or drink! Give customers one-off rewards for using the mobile system and encourage a more hygienic dining environment. This will be sure to boost the use of mobile ordering in your venues and will also encourage customers to stay loyal to your brand.


 Despite the advances in Mobile Ordering technology, your staff are still the beating heart (and face) of your business. People still respond most strongly to human interactions, and asking your staff to encourage the use of mobile ordering can be invaluable. 

Ask your staff to encourage the use of Mobile Ordering and remind customers that it is vital that people stay seated for everyone’s health. A set speech or line that wait staff can say upon entry or upon serving a table can be really helpful in establishing these parameters. It doesn’t have to be stuffy or serious, as long as it gets the message across in a friendly and approachable way then your venue will be winning.

The last thing people need when heading out to dine or drink is further uncertainty or stress in their day. That’s why the key to successfully transitioning towards contactless hospitality is choosing a good system.

The Yoello platform has an intuitive user experience, accessed by any smartphone via any internet browser. By simply scanning a QR code in a venue, a customer can access menus, make an order and pay. There is no need to even download an app, which is a pain point for most consumers at the moment.

Insufficient storage? Not a problem. Any customer can use Yoello mobile ordering, and this is the beauty of having a mobile ordering platform that places user experience at its heart.


Ultimately, these changes to the way the hospitality sector functions are not arbitrary. Pubs and restaurants don’t want to have to turn people away as there are no tables left, or ask people to give over their phone number just to order a sandwich. However, for the safety of everyone things are having to adjust quite dramatically.

These changes are necessary and circumstantial, and are being made to keep people both sides of the bar safe. It is important to remind customers of this broader strategy via email marketing, website content, social media etc. 

It can be easy to forget that this is new for everyone; that we are all in this together; and that your favourite eatery has only changed because it cares about the wellbeing and health of staff and customers. Share that message to show that you care, and get customers onboard with your mobile ordering system.

If you want to learn more, get in touch with us at Yoello and explore how the system can improve your business.

October 26, 2020

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