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5 reasons to bring mobile ordering into your pub or bar in 2022

UK Hospitality

Traditional service is shifting, the hospitality industry is moving towards tech-led operations to enhance customer experience and increase convenience for staff.

This means it’s more important than ever to implement this change into your hospitality business, in order to future proof your business!

If you haven’t already started using mobile ordering within your business, now is the time. 

We’re looking at the top 5 reasons to bring mobile ordering into your pub or bar in 2022, and how it can support your team through the challenging next few months.

1. Mobile ordering can future-proof your business

This is a great time to prepare for the future with mobile ordering, and use it to keep your workforce strong. With staff members getting COVID, your workforce could be significantly reduced. This means you’ll need technology to support you when numbers are down. 

With a mobile ordering system like Yoello, you shorten the whole ordering process and minimise the need for wait staff to take orders. In this sense, Yoello is like the best waiter you ever had - taking multiple orders in one go and supporting your team through those periods when you’re understaffed.

2. Make the payment process easier for customers

We all know the feeling of having to whack out your credit card at the end of an amazing meal and pay. There is a slight sunken feeling we get every time. 

But research has shown that when people pay via mobile they don’t get that same low feeling. In fact, they feel the opposite.

Two researchers -- Drazen Prelec and George Loewenstein -- have written about a concept called "coupling" whereby there's often a pain that consumers feel when they pay for something. This immediate pain can take away from the pleasure of buying, and is most commonly seen with cash transactions where something is literally gone, but can also be seen in card transactions where a customer’s bank balance goes down.


They found that while paying by cash and card causes this phenomenon, paying via mobile wallet weakens coupling and reduces the sense of pain. The impact of the spend feels much less significant on mobile, so customers are free to enjoy the process much more (and they spend more too!)

3. Boost sales 

Customers spend more with a mobile ordering system like Yoello. Why? Mainly because they can order whatever they like, and take as long as they like to order, without judgement.

When customers can spend longer choosing what they’d like, they tend to order more. And with mobile ordering giving them the option to order more at any point, it’s almost like they have a waiter on hand at all times. 

4. Keep the ordering process sanitary

Bye-bye physical menus! Customers no longer want to touch a document that has had multiple people’s hands on. It’s too much of a risk. With mobile ordering, they only need to physically touch their own phone, which minimises contact with their environment and others.

Plus, it’s easier. Customers are used to the ease of ordering via mobile, and minimising any awkward split bill situations at the end of a meal. It’s an ideal set up that most modern customers enjoy a lot more than the traditional method of ordering from a physical menu.

5. To keep your business open 

This has to be the most obvious (and most important) reason to keep mobile ordering in 2022.

With the recent spike in cases up and down the UK, especially in big cities like London, mobile ordering has become more important than ever. For businesses to stay open during COVID times, they need to have extra measures in place to limit the spread of COVID in their venue.

This is not only in the public health interest but also in the interest of the venue running safely and smoothly. When staff members come into contact with the public more frequently, they increase their risk of catching COVID. 

Meanwhile, if mobile ordering is at play they can decrease their contact with potential COVID cases. This helps businesses stay open, with ample staff support.

Need help transitioning to mobile ordering? Speak to one of our specialists today to take mobile ordering with you into 2022.

Isabella Mawer
December 20, 2021

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