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What is Yoello’s new Quick Pick-Up feature?

UK Hospitality

Yoello has been successfully helping businesses with mobile ordering for the past few years. Traditional mobile ordering is where customers order at a table or via mobile remotely and then wait for their food.  

However, we’ve noticed a new way that consumers want to pick up their food. No one likes queues, so we wanted to create an option where customers can order their items, pay and then get notified when their food is ready to come back and collect it.

We know that the UK market for Click & Collect is growing fast and is predicted to be a £9.6 billion market by 2022, so we wanted to make this a possibility in hospitality too. 

That’s why we created our new Quick Pick-Up feature!

Collection Services For Added Convenience 

The idea behind Yoello’s Quick Pick-Up service is convenience. Collection services are becoming increasingly popular across the hospitality sector and is a great way for businesses to benefit from an additional revenue stream.

Through Yoello, you can create quick pick-up points - all managed through one simple, easy to manage system. Customers simply scan a QR code to order and pay for their items, then as the venue cooks their food they are free to do whatever they like. 

This might include continuing to shop if they're in a mall, watch live music if they’re at a gig or festival, or even just chat to friends in another venue. It makes the whole ordering process super convenient and quick for the customer.

Meanwhile, the business is able to manage orders in one place, only having to worry about cooking the food and taking it to the collection point when it’s ready. Everything else is down to the customer, making it very easy to manage for staff.

Benefits of Quick Pick-Up

Being able to offer a pick up solution for customers is a great perk that allows them to beat the queues. Not only is it a convenient solution for consumers, but it also works well for venues too.

Some of the best benefits of our new Quick Pick-Up Feature are:


What kind of business is Quick Pick-Up designed for? 

Quick Pick-Up can work for a variety of businesses, but those that need the feature most are places like:

Looking For The Best Tools To Help You Reopen?

If you’re getting ready to reopen your event in 2021, making the ordering process seamless for your customers should be top priority.

Yoello’s new Quick Pick-Up feature is available now, and is already being used by our merchants to make the ordering and pick up process easy. Learn more by contacting us now.

Alternatively, you can read up on our top tips on how to reopen in 2021 in our recent guide.

Laura Stupple
October 25, 2021

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