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How can hospitality venues make the most of QR Ordering?


QR codes have become a part of our everyday life. 

Every time you leave the house, you’re probably going to encounter multiple QR codes. Whether on the train, in the street, or at the pub, they’ve played a pivotal role in helping us return to normal living after COVID restrictions.

Whilst COVID has wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry, QR menus have repaired some of this damage by making ordering more efficient. 

Let’s dig into some of the reasons businesses should use QR codes.

What are the benefits of QR Ordering?

Whether you’re using them to share information, sell a product or service, or help people check in to your venue, they’re worth setting up. Here’s why they’re so valuable for hospitality venues:

1 - They eliminate time spent constructing menus

For those businesses using them as a menu, they save time and money.

Creating menus takes up a lot of valuable time. You first have to draft them, then format them, then print them - and if you need to make any last minute changes or edits, these processes need to be repeated over and over again. 

QR code menus save you time by allowing you to edit and publish your menus on the go. With easy formatting options, and user-friendly add ons, you can customise your menu at any time, without having to go through a lengthy process.

2 - They’re efficient and easy to use

Everyone knows what a QR code is these days, and they’ve grown in popularity because they’re so easy to use. They’re great for end users, especially those who are in a rush or don’t want to talk to people, as it lets them order at the click of a button. 

This also benefits hospitality venues, as it lets them utilise their staff elsewhere. Freeing up the hands of your staff will allow them to help in other areas, making your business more effective.

3 - They’re sustainable

Did you know that paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills? The process of continually printing menus contributes to this waste, which has detrimental environmental impacts.

The good news is that adopting QR code menus saves lots of paper and resources, which is much more eco-friendly! Choosing to implement a QR code menu system will help you do your part to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable society.

4 -They protect against the spread of COVID-19

Menus are a breeding ground for germs. Especially during the pandemic, hospitality venues must ensure that they are constantly staying on top of hygiene. This means constantly sanitising menus, which can become time consuming. 

By implementing QR code menus, hospitality venues can save time on sanitisation, and minimise person to person contact.

QR codes eliminate touchpoints for customers and promote social distancing, as wait staff don’t need to spend as much time lingering around tables.

5 - They are perfect for introverts

QR code menus are also great for introverts. Some people avoid going out for dinner due to the fear of having to speak to multiple unfamiliar people. QR menus eliminate that burden by allowing people to discreetly order their meals without having to interact with staff. 

These menus are especially good for people with complicated orders who may feel uncomfortable voicing these out loud. Usually, these customers will bite their tongue and not get the most out of their experience. 

With QR menus, these customers will be freely able to leave comments and make alterations to their order without feeling embarrassed. 

Take your business to the next level with QR code technology

As you can see, QR code menus have become a great addition to the hospitality industry and have helped streamline the process of ordering for both customers and staff. 

Gone are the days of tirelessly reprinting and re-​​sanitising menus. With our services, you will be able to run your hospitality venue more seamlessly.

Ready to learn more? Why not look into our Table Ordering Services?

Or head to our article on Digital vs Physical food menus for some light reading.

Laura Stupple
April 13, 2022

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