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4 reasons to consider a loyalty scheme


Discount codes and loyalty schemes are a great asset to any business, but for hospitality venues especially. They ensure that customers keep returning to your venue over your competitors, which is great for your profit in the long run. 

We’re looking at some reasons why loyalty schemes and discount codes are great for hospitality venues.

Why consider a loyalty scheme?

Many Yoello clients use loyalty schemes to connect with their customers and grow their loyal following.

Here are just some of the ways that they benefit businesses:

       1. They build a regular client base

Successful hospitality venues thrive off their regular customers. Regulars spend more money, visit more frequently, and may even refer your venue to friends, so it is important to build as many regulars as you can. Promotions are a great way to transform customers into regulars, as they provide incentives for people to return to your venue. 

Having a regular customer base can be make or break for venues, especially in challenging times like COVID. 

      2. They attract new customers, whilst also showing appreciation to loyal customers 

Loyalty schemes and discount codes may attract new customers who want to be rewarded for their frequent purchases. If their regular venue doesn’t offer a loyalty scheme, you’re already beating the competition. Loyalty schemes also show appreciation to existing customers, who feel well looked after when special discounts are applied to them. 

Nothing beats the feeling of going to your local hospitality venues and getting great deals just because you’ve been there multiple times before.

      3. Good for publicity and word of mouth 

Loyalty schemes and discount codes are also great for publicity. They can be promoted across your social media accounts, and also through word of mouth. If one of your regulars spreads the word that people can get two drinks for the price of one if they sign up for a loyalty program, this will likely increase visitors to your venue. This shows that your venue provides great value, and above all, that it cares about its customers.

      4. Great for gaining insights on your customers 

Discount codes and loyalty programs also provide businesses with excellent data. With online loyalty programs, businesses can gain valuable insights about their customer, ranging from demographic details to popular orders and preferences. This data is invaluable for businesses, especially when it comes to future marketing campaigns. 

Start rewarding loyalty today

With Yoello, you can add discount codes to your digital menus to provide on the spot incentives for customers whilst they order. Finding ways to retain customers is essential to running a successful hospitality venue, and providing promotions and loyalty discounts can aid that process. 

Interested in incorporating promotions into your customer growth and retention strategy? Check out our order and pay solutions to find out more.

Laura Stupple
May 10, 2022

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