Increase your sales with our promotions feature!


We all know everyone loves a bargain, and what better way to welcome your customers back this summer than with a discount code! 

Whether you want to create discounts for selected customer groups like students or NHS workers, or just looking for ways to sell off perishable stock, Yoello’s new promotion and discounts functionalities can do exactly that.

Yoello offers merchants the ability to easily create and share discounts with your customers. The discount and promotions feature allow you to create bespoke offers to both encourage customers back into your venue and gain new ones!

Here are some nifty tips and ideas for utilising Yoello’s discount code and promotion features for your business. 

Increase sales on quieter days

Is your customer footfall much quieter on a Monday? Why not create a discount code and promote money off the bill to encourage customers to dine in on quieter days of the week. With our new promotion feature, you can activate discount codes to work at specific times on specific days and even number of uses.

Reward customer loyalty 

Reward your regulars and encourage new customers to return! Or make their day by offering them a unique discount code on their birthday or special occasion. 

Reach out to new customers 

As a merchant, you’re always looking to attract new customers to your venue. Why not promote a discount code for new customers through a weekly newsletter or social media advertising. You could also target a new audience by appealing to groups like students, staff, members only, NHS discount, the list is endless!

Drive in early footfall

Showing some sport or running a large event? Or even just looking for a headstart on the day’s revenue? Drive the crowds in early by creating a discount code for the first 50 orders of the day. 

students, staff, members only, NHS discount, the list is endless!  

Win customers over 

Had a customer complaint about an order or delay? Why not offer your customer a one-time discount code to get them back on side and encourage them to return to your venue. Enabling you to resolve the issue and support customer retention.

Save money on delivery service charges 

Don’t want to pay commission on delivery services? Add a business card with a unique discount code for customers in their takeaway if they click and collect their order for next time or order directly through the Yoello platform.

Every Yoello Order & Pay user has access to our new promotions feature, want to know how to use it? Click here for more information:

Georgia Coombs
August 19, 2021

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