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Top Features Of A Food Delivery App

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As a business owner in hospitality, having a food delivery app on hand that works for you is essential in the current times. The digital transformation that has gone on in the food delivery space over the past year has been incredible, with mass adoption of these tools becoming the norm.

We’re taking a look at some of the top features of a food delivery app that are becoming standard.

Best Food Delivery App Features

Are you looking for the best features of a food delivery app? Take a look at what every good app needs: 

A seamless ordering system

One of the key benefits of a food delivery app for customers is how easy it is to order food. When you’re on the go or out and about, having a handy app that allows you to order seamlessly is an amazing perk. 

By making the process very simple for customers, you increase the likelihood that they will place an order. In the modern world, people don’t want to call up and order their take away - they are looking for an easy in-app experience that takes them through the necessary steps.

Safe payment options 

People need to know that their money is safe with you, and everyone knows that a payment provider that is approved by the FCA will be secure. Customers should never be prompted to share bank details over the phone, and in current times aren’t always able to pay on arrival. 

A food delivery app offers safe payment options that are much more appealing to people and bridges the gap between the merchant and the customer. Plus, safer payment options and great rates on transactions mean that it is a much better option for businesses too.

Easy communication options

Communication with your customers isn’t always easy. However with a food delivery app you should be able to send secure messages that conceal the privacy of both parties but also allow the meal to be delivered on time and safely.

Easy communication options are a key feature of food delivery apps. They must be easy to use, secure and operate effectively in real-time.

Menu optimisation

When using a food delivery app, food vendors need to know that they can edit their menu and promote their offerings. With a premium food delivery app menu optimisation can be expected. This means that managers will be able to edit their menu in order to promote specials, offer bundle deals and remove items if something is sold out too.

In this sense online delivery apps can be much easier than in-person serving.

Data analytics 

From a business perspective, food delivery apps offer incredible insight into customers. Whether you want to know what people are buying, how they navigate your menu, or their age and demographic, online ordering goes hand in hand with amazing data that can boost decision making.

Access to data is a key feature of food delivery apps, as it enables businesses to better understand their consumer. This in turn means that they can customise the consumer experience and get closer to what the customer wants.

Why invest in a food delivery app?

There is increasing evidence that the modern diner wants on-demand options for delivery and pick-up that align with their fast paced lifestyles. Studies have shown that the on-demand food delivery business recorded unprecedented growth worldwide, with over 14% Compound Annual Growth Rate from 2018 to 2020. 

Whilst this may have been because food delivery has been essential during the pandemic, it is also due to changing attitudes to take away food. More and more customers are choosing to opt for delivered food more regularly.

Plus, with 49% of on-demand customers being millennials, it proves that the majority of online buyers are between 25-40 years old. This group of economically active customers are likely to dictate trends in the future, and their love of delivery proves that it is a trend that will be continued.

Having a food delivery app that helps you increase orders, improve efficiency, and boost your product offering is going to be essential in the modern world. Yoello merchants see on average a 30% increase in spend per head when using our order and pay platform.

Learn more about food delivery systems and how Yoello is bringing an FCA approved product to the market by getting in touch.

February 15, 2021

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