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The benefits of an online ordering system

UK Hospitality

There can be no denying that the latest hospitality trend of mobile ordering has been accelerated due to COVID-19. However, there are many benefits of an online ordering system which make them the next logical step for any bar or venue, regardless of social distancing.

The benefits of online ordering systems are slowly becoming more obvious, with the uptake of this software going through the roof in recent months. We’re looking at the key benefits of an online ordering system to help you uncover whether it could be a good decision for your business.

What are the benefits of an online ordering system? 

Online ordering systems enable both the customer and the vendor to benefit from safe transactions that are seamless and easy. Alongside the key benefit of reducing social contact, they also provide business and brand benefits that make them a logical choice for bars, restaurants and venues.

These benefits are:

Affordable fees and payments 

A premium mobile ordering solution will provide you with affordable transaction fees, with credit, debit, Google or Apple Pay all available at a fixed % rate. Payments will also be easy and quick - making the entire process more enjoyable for the customer.

Offer a seamless brand experience

With mobile ordering, Jimmy from behind the bar no longer has to bother handwriting the specials on a piece of paper or chalkboard.  With mobile ordering you can edit things like specials, prices and remove dishes as they sell out too. This helps to digitise the whole experience and ensure that you offer a seamless brand experience.

Communicate with people in different languages 

Another key benefit of an online ordering system is that you’ll have access to multiple language options so that customers can choose their language when browsing your menu.

Increase spend per head

One of the amazing benefits in terms of ROI and profit is that digital ordering allows you to upsell with ease, increasing your Spend Per Head. Customers spend on average 30% more through Yoello, possibly because people feel more comfortable ordering online, but also because you can promote extras, bulk discounts and promotions which encourage people to spend.

Manage customer orders with ease

With an online ordering system, you can receive, process and manage customer orders from the dashboard. This means you can track and fulfil customer orders as they come in, or cancel orders and issue refunds straight away. This makes managing venues a much easier task, especially during a time where face to face customer contact needs to be kept to a minimum.

Increase tipping and gratuities 

When customers order online, they are prompted to select their preferred tipping option at checkout. This makes it much more likely that they might tip employees or leave comments on the overall experience.

Save paper, save money, save the planet

A great benefit of online ordering is that customers can have a digital receipt. A digital receipt is often favoured by customers, and reduces the risk that they’ll lose it. The digital receipt option means that your business can cut down on unnecessary waste whilst also offering a more modern, digital experience that customers expect.

Have valuable data at your fingertips

Mobile ordering systems like Yoello provide data that can help aid business decisions as well as provide managers with a better overview of how their venues are performing on any given day. With adjustable date ranges and downloadable reports, you can track anything from average customer spend, service efficiency and data around unique customers and transactions. You can also download end of day order and stock reports.

Bring merchants and customers closer together with an online ordering system

Convinced you might need a mobile ordering system? Yoello is a payment platform aiming to disrupt the existing payment system by utilising the open banking legislation (PSD2) to cut out the middlemen, and in turn bring merchants and customers closer together.

Through our mobile technology operators can offer contactless table service, click & collect and delivery services - all through a single easy to use platform. Learn more by checking out our merchant stories and reviews over on our case studies page.

February 15, 2021

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