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Save £1000s on transactions when you switch to YPay as your primary payment method

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Open Banking Payments, powered by Yoello

Make significant savings on your transaction fees with Yoello’s additional payment method, YPay. Payments are secure, instant and significantly cheaper than card based transactions.

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Find out how much your business can save on transaction fees by processing payments through YPay:

No. of weekly orders


With YPay, you can save...

£200 per week
£200 per year

* £20.20 average SPH based on Statista’s weekly average household expenditure in restaurants or cafes in the UK (2020)
** Based on an average Credit Card transaction fee of 1.5%

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Give your customers a better payment experience with YPay

Open Banking technology is already trusted by more than 5m+ UK users. This technology means payments bypass Visa and Mastercard ⁠— creating significantly cheaper transaction fees whilst offering customers an instant and fuss-free payment experience. 

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Safe and instant payments

We enable you to accept secure account-to-account payments from your customers. This cuts out unnecessary middlemen, and means payments are instant and significantly cheaper.

Yoello is authorised and regulated by the FCA for payment services.
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Cost Saving

With no chargeback fees and much lower transaction fees, you’ll enjoy greater profit margins for your business.

Better Cashflow

Instant transactions enable businesses to restock and manage cash flow with greater ease.

Managing Finances

Because payment transactions happen instantly, it is easier to manage finances and reduce financial admin.

So, how does YPay work?


As your customer places an order, they can select 'YPay' as a payment option.


The customer then selects their bank and provides consent for Yoello to securely connect.


The customer authorises the payment and is directed back to Yoello for their order confirmation.


You receive the money in your bank account instantly!

YPay is an exclusive open banking payment method by Yoello, available only through Yoello

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Not sure what Open Banking is?

Open Banking is a way for customers to authorise payments directly and securely from their bank account to a merchant's bank account - this cuts out the middlemen and makes it much cheaper and quicker for merchants to receive payments.

Learn more about Open Banking on our Blog

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