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Large Events Space

We spoke to Tom Cox, General Manager at Depot, as well as food vendor Andrew from Brother Thai who each respectively experienced record sales as a result of introducing Yoello for table service.

Processing 50-60 orders a minute at peak times
43% faster table turnover
⋆ Queues entirely removed from venue
⋆ 80% less stock wastage


The Depot is a popular events space in Cardiff with high footfall and events regularly attended by people from all across South Wales. The venue operates with numerous bars and street food vendors and has a 1,400 capacity seated space. 

When hospitality venues were able to reopen after the national lockdown the founder of Depot, Nick Saunders, reached out to Yoello looking for a table service solution. Since making the enquiry, Nick, Tom and the team have worked closely with Yoello to adapt and grow his business into a post-Covid future proof operation.
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"The net spend from a customer has gone up a lot because they’re not having to come and queue. In peak times, order wise, we’re probably looking at 50-60 orders every minute. You know we’ve done over 2000 in a 4-hour shift, easily." - Tom


The Depot is a popular streetfood and events hub in the centre of Cardiff known for popular events such as Bingo Lingo and as a fan-hub for sporting events which often results in queues and wait times. The pandemic meant that the regular events would need to be postponed indefinitely, and a table service led operation would need to be put in place in order to continue operating. 

Fortunately for the Depot, they had an optimum amount of space and infrastructure to be able to continue serving a large number of customers whilst safely following regulations. Yoello played a vital role in making it possible to serve multiple table areas with speed and ease, and as a result both the venue and the pop-up street food traders saw business really boom.

"In peak times, order wise, we’re probably looking at 50-60 orders every minute. You know we’ve done over 2000 in a 4-hour shift, easily. The net spend from a customer has gone up a lot because they’re not having to come and queue, they’re not having to wait. As soon as that order is placed we’re straight through to the bar, bar staff will pick it up and we can start making the drink to get it out to the customers." - Tom.
"Sales for this time of year, spot on. It's way more efficient not having customers standing in front of you, because you are literally dealing with the orders. They’re just going out so fast. Think we had 100 orders in 10 minutes, it ain’t a problem for us now, so sales are great." - Andrew, Brother Thai.


Yoello has allowed Depot to grow their events and serve more tables with high efficiency. Tom has found that staff are saving time and are finding it much easier to process orders as they come directly to the bar. The convenience and operational improvements from using Yoello filled the team with confidence that this is a long term solution that has continued to benefit the venue following the removal of COVID restrictions.

"The Yoello app, I would say is definitely something that even after social distancing, when entertainment is allowed, that we will continue to use in our events. The ease it has given our staff in terms of service and the ease for the customers has had huge benefits." - Tom
"Yoello has played an integral part of our reopening strategy. Not only has it provided a customer friendly table service solution, we've seen an uplift in both wet and dry sales amongst ourselves and the other vendors within the Depot. The platform has massively improved the customer experience and made operations much easier for staff." - Nick Saunders, Founder of Depot
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