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Holiday Park

We spoke with Scott Hibbard, general manager at Sandymouth Holiday Resort (part of the Darwin Escapes Group) about how Yoello has significantly improved the guest experience and increased the average spend per head.

Reduced queues and removed an outdated phone-line ordering system
67% increase in average customer spend
Guests can easily order food delivered directly to their accommodation
⋆ Increased revenue through upselling and improved delivery offering

⋆ Has seen a “massive reduction in wastage”
⋆ Staff now able to serve a higher volume of orders at peak times 
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Sandymouth Holiday Resort is part of the Darwin Escapes Group and offers a range of self-catered villas to guests that look out to Sandymouth Bay in Bude - the heart of Cornwall. After introducing Yoello in early 2021, the holiday site saw instant results and were able to streamline and transform operations through the order and pay platform. The business found that previously at peak times there were long queues in the restaurant and bar areas. They also delivered food and drinks to the cabins, but the ordering process required calling a phone line which led to long wait times on the phone.

These challenges were stopping customers from making repeat delivery orders or from ordering as much as they typically would in the restaurant. To combat this, Sandymouth Resort looked to Yoello as a solution.
“Order and pay has evolved and changed operations massively, and has hugely increased our delivery sales since we introduced the platform.”
- Scott Hibbard

67% increase in customer spend

Yoello’s reporting tools and customer analytics have allowed the resort to understand the trends associated with their customers. This insight, coupled with the ability to upsell items with ease has meant that they have seen an uplift in revenue, with the average spend per head increasing from £15 to £25.

Sandymouth Holiday Resort has also seen a major reduction in wastage with less room for error when it comes to taking and processing customer orders. Their stock auditors noticed the dramatic decrease in wastage thanks to the ease of using Yoello for digital stock taking.
“We decided to bring Yoello into the business to make it easier for guests to order directly to the table and to their accommodation. We found that when we had a lot of people queuing, they didn’t come back to reorder. Therefore, introducing Yoello encouraged individuals to order more and gave us the opportunity to upsell items on the menu.”
- Scott Hibbard


Sandymouth Holiday Resort has been using an Epos Now system for a number of years. The Yoello integration allowed them to get set up with mobile ordering quickly and with minimal disruption to their existing system and processes. Not only did staff find it easy to get to grips with the additional technology, but they found that staff could actually serve more tables due to the reduction in service touch points and automated nature of receiving and processing orders.

"It has been much easier for staff to serve more tables with Yoello!"
“Upselling has also increased our revenue a lot. I would say our average spend per head was about £15 and it is now easily between £22 to £25. So I’d say mobile ordering is the way to go and we’re really encouraging people to use it.”
- Scott Hibbard

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