Yoello for Hospitality

Increase SPH

Hospitality businesses on average see a 30% increase in customer spending by offering self order services.

Yoello for Hospitality

Reduce queues

Customers can order and pay from their table by simply scanning a QR code

Yoello for Hospitality

Operational efficiency

Staff save time on taking orders or payments and can therefore focus more on customer service

Yoello for Hospitality

Customer experience

Create a better experience for customers - no waiting on staff or queueing

Yoello for Hospitality

Better cash flow

We process the payment and send it directly to your account

Yoello for Hospitality

Reduce costs

Low transaction fees and no hidden charges, no matter the transaction value

Find out how Yoello can impact your business:

It's as easy as scan, order and pay

Customers can scan a QR code in your venue to browse the menu, unlock promotions and order to their table - no app needed.

How does it work for my customers?

3 easy steps

Ordering and paying through Yoello is as simple as these 3 steps, and there is no app download required.

Open camera
and scan QR

Yoello opens on any smartphone, no app is needed.


the menu

You can also access promotions or fully customise your order choices

Place your order

Pay with Apple Pay or by card... now you can sit back and wait for your order to come to you.


Why use us?

Because these companies
love us

What can Yoello do for my business?

Our platform has features to benefit all types of hospitality businesses, whether your goal is to reduce queues, turn over more customers or increase spend per head, we have the solution for you.

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