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We’ve noticed a new way that consumers want to pick up their food and drinks:

No one likes queues, so we wanted to create an option where customers can order their items, pay, and then get notified when their food is ready to pick up from a collection point without needing to spend time standing in a queue.

We know that the UK market for Click & Collect has exploded in recent years and is growing fast with a £9.6 billion market size predicted for 2022, so we wanted to introduce a similar concept to in-venue customers where table service might not be an option.

Introducing our new Quick PickUp feature!

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Collection Services For Added Convenience

The idea behind Yoello’s Quick PickUp service is convenience.

Through Yoello, you can create various pick-up points. These are managed through a single, easy-to-manage system. Customers simply scan a QR code or type in a url to order and pay for their items wherever in the venue they are. As the venue prepares the food or drink, the customer is free to continue socialising without needing to wait in a queue.

The customer will be notified as soon as their order is ready, so they can make their way to their nearest pick-up point. The customer is able to grab their food or drink and go!

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Why offer Quick PickUp:

  • Reduce / remove queues - in a busy venue the order is placed and can be grabbed when ready without waiting in a queue to be served.
  • Save staff time - no need to take orders or payments from customers or delivering the order to the customer.
  • Venues can significantly increase the number of orders at no extra cost by serving more customers in less time.
  • Less room for error / reduced wastage - no miscommunication when taking orders manually.
  • Improved convenience for both customers and staff.
  • No cash, physical menu, or paper receipts.
  • Venues can update customers on the order process and let them know whether order is ready
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What kind of business is Quick PickUp designed for?

Quick PickUp can work in any kind of hospitality business and works particularly well for business that have busy periods that typically result in queues. Large events and music festivals benefit particularly well from this service, allowing customers to order without missing the entertainment and quickly pick up their order as soon as it is ready.

Quick PickUp can be useful for businesses that are unable to offer in-venue delivery of items - whether it is to the table, a hotel room, a cinema seat or a holiday park cabin, customers can benefit from the convenience of ordering and paying from their phone wherever they are and are notified when their order is ready to be quickly picked up.
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How does the platform work for merchants?

Through the Yoello Merchant Dashboard, you can easily turn your Quick PickUp service on/off. The Quick Pickup feature will appear on the venue’s front page where customers can choose which order type they would like.

When the service is toggled on, Merchants need to Scroll down to Collection Points and click "Add New Collection Point". The merchant should then enter Collection Point Name and Max Number of Orders. Then Click "Update Pickup Now Settings" and now the feature should be enabled!

The Quick Pickup feature allows you to let customers collect their order throughout your service, by enabling this on your POS you have more control with collection points.

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